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We live not only in connected world, but in a world that is mobile.

Your customers may walk away from their PC from time to time, but how many walk away from thier mobile phone?

Datatell's SMS services can deliver text messages using the Short Messaging Service (SMS) direct to your customer's mobile phone.

Whether you want to let your customer know that a product has been despatched, remind them of an important appointment, or let them know that the item they wanted is back in stock, SMS messaging is a fast and effective way of reaching your customer base.

SMS Integration

Direct access to the SMSGlobal Gateway for developers allows you to add full SMS functionality to your applications. Our technical team have helped many clients in this area. If you have an idea and are not sure of the implementation required, please contact us. We will be happy to assist in any way possible.

SMS messaging, when integrated into your web based application or web site, You and your staff can be freed from your PCs. it provides you with remote power and information and allows you to communicate with your customers or staff wherever they are.

Datatell Technologies Ltd can help integrate SMS into your web based application or web site.

SMS Messaging Integration allows:
  • The ability to push relevant information to your customers or site users.
  • Example 1: Notify interested customers via SMS message when a new product arrives.
    Example 2: Update customers when their order is processed or ready.

  • The ability for customers to request information from your web site or web based application.

    Example 1: Allow customers to check whether a product is in stock.
    Example 2: Allow customers to request the status of an order.

  • Remote control over your web based application or web site.

    Example: Send an SMS message to change a featured product or add new content.

  • Delivery of information to the mobile phones of staff members

    Application 1: Cue messages based on events taking place on your web site or web based application (e.g. notification of an order a fault or when stock levels is low).

    Application 2: Allow staff members to request information via SMS to wherever they are (e.g. to retrieve a customers details, to find out how many orders today).

    Application 3: Send regular updates (e.g. daily notification of orders received).

Ultimately integration of SMS messaging gives you and your customers power and information where and when it is needed.



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